Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time keeps on ticking...

Time flies when you're covered in vomit. Keaton is going on his third day being sick. He obviously has what they call "rotovirus"... They don't call it "roto"-virus for nothing! Have you ever heard of "roto-rooter?" Apparently, there is a business that cleans out septic systems named RotoRooter. Imagine that concept in the stomach of a two year old. Pretty accurate description! :(

He is at least not as sick as he was. His little eyes are droopy and he smacks his dry little lips like a little old man, and he is LOOPY! You might think he was drunk if he wasn't two years old. :) He certainly isn't himself lately. I can't really describe his behavior; he is just a little "off" right now. I guess it could be the loss of brain cells (because I'm sure he deposited a few of them into the "barf bowl" with as hard as the poor thing has been heaving...)

Well, at least time is going fast. My days are kindof running together, taking care of the sick. Pray for Keaton's health. He needs them!


Debbie said...

I will be praying for him, poor baby!!!


and then there were 7 said...

Hey Lady-
I am praying your little one feels better. I can handle any illness they can throw at me until it includes vomit-p.u. And kids are really great because they have yet to learn the "signs" of pending barfdom. My lovelies tend to say "Mo...."and then the techni-color burp with no warning. At least if I could teach them to say "Da..." then I could pan off the clean up.
On a good note, don't you have a court date coming up? My prayers for first time success.
Love from under blankets of snow!