Monday, March 31, 2008

Note from Nora

Your children are in the city!!! I am going to help Sue take Yacob to the doctor's tomorrow. I have not seen him yet but apparently she is very concerned about his health. I think I might get to meet your children since we have to go to the guesthouse to pick him up and that is where your children are. If I do get to meet the children, I will definitely take photos. If it helps to ease your mind at all, the women taking care of the children are absolutely wonderful. I was there today when the brought (another adoptive family's) children to them and they were actually crying when they left. I gave them both hugs and told them how much we appreciate them taking such wonderful care of our children and how much it means to us that they love them so much.

Yacob is a little boy who is waiting to be adopted. He is on the waiting child list on CCI's website. Please pray for him to recover quickly without pain and discomfort!

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