Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Court date has been moved to March 19

Hey, everybody!

Well, I got a call from Debbie today, and it seems that Simbona's birth mother was sick and couldn't make the court date. So, it has been rescheduled for March 19th. I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed for about five minutes or so. But, when receiving the call, I just reminded myself that everything goes according to God's perfect timeframe. He is the One in charge of everything, and that His plan is so much better than mine.

One of the other adoptive mothers from our agency who had the same court date as mine made it through court. I was so happy for her, because she is a single mother and was really anxious about getting through court. She told me that she thinks her embassy date will be around April 1. That's a pretty quick turnaround for travel! (The embassy date is when the child is given a visa in which to travel to the US. Even once the child is declared legally yours on the court date, they can't travel without the visa. Visa processing takes a little while, so that's why there's a discrepancy of time between the court date and the embassy date.) Perhaps if her embassy date takes place in such a short time, that will mean a "positive" for us as well in regards to a quick travel date.

All in all, I am certain what my God is capable of, and I just imagine that He will cause things to move rather quickly. He has done so many miracles and amazing things through this adoption, that I wouldn't expect anything less in regard to our upcoming court date and travel. I just have such a complete peace about the whole thing no matter what. It is so comforting to know that our lives are in such good and perfect hands. Now if I could just have as much trust and total faith in other areas of my life as I've had with this adoption... :)

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and then there were 7 said...

Hey Lady-
I know you are resting in the Lord's perfect care. We are praying for your little ones birth Mom so that she feels better.
Has your heat been fixed?
Praying for you!