Saturday, March 8, 2008

Look what God has done!

A dear friend of mine (that I've known since puberty and zits) emailed me the following letter...

"Congratulations Julie! I'm so excited for your family. I just have to tell you how you have blessed ours. You know we have been talking about foster care for 2 years, but have not done it. When I recieved your first e-mail in January, I found myself just crying as I read your blog. (My husband) and I talked that very night and I called DHS the next day. We begin our classes to become certified foster parents next week. Not only has God orchestrated this adoption for you, but through your obedience it has also changed our lives. Can't wait to see the children God has planned for us. Hope to see you soon. I would love to get together and talk. Maybe we can get together in March before you travel to get your babies. I'm sure both of our schedules are going to become a little more difficult to get together in the near future!" (I edited the name above to protect her privacy.) :)

I have prayed since the beginning of this adoption process that God would touch lives for His glory! I am so thankful that I get to see some of the fruit of those prayers! I have had friends that have been praying in agreement for the same prayer. What a wonderful blessing to be able to see the impact that God has had on others' lives as a result of this adoption! I mean, it is certainly a privilege that God shared this with us. I mean, after all, He is GOD, and he certainly doesn't have to let us know that our prayers are impacting people behind the scenes. But, what a wonderful and merciful God we serve! I am going to continue to pray that this adoption (and these beautiful angelic babies) are going to change the lives of YET MORE people for the praise and glory of our Lord. YAY!

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Debbie said...

What an awesome thing that your friend is doing!!!
You are an inspiration!!


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