Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sending more documents...

On Wednesday, Debbie called me and told me that CCI was asking for more documents from us. They wanted me to complete the I600, the DS230, and the I864 and FedEx them later in the afternoon. Well... after looking over them, I could tell there was NO way that I was going to be able to do that. They were WAY too difficult to complete, and I had to get our 2007 tax packet and make a copy of the entire thing. (I have no idea where it is... Kevin does our taxes.) And, since Kevin is out of town on business (yet AGAIN), he can't help me find the taxes and he won't be able to sign all these forms until he returns on Friday.

Thankfully, it was a good thing, after all. (Praise God!) Since the agency is so new at the Ethiopian adoptions, they weren't quite sure how the forms were supposed to be completed. So, by Friday, they had it all figured out (I think...) Kevin came home Friday afternoon and I spent all evening and all morning Saturday morning getting these forms finished and ready to be sent off.

These forms are for the children, in order to start processing their visas once the court date is completed. WOW! It looks like things are really starting to move along!

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