Thursday, March 6, 2008


Can you hear my teeth chattering??? It is a brisk 58 degrees in my house today. The heater has not been repaired as of yet, because the repairman has to order the part. (Apparently, having a geo-thermal system is kind of a headache, because the parts aren't just laying around in abundance...) Ugh.

We are using two electric space heaters that my (darling) friend let me borrow, but we just can't seem to bear to light the kerosene heater that she let us borrow. The smell just gags everyone and we all end up with headaches about two hours after we light the thing!

So, I guess until our heater gets fixed, PRAY for us that either (1) the part comes in so we can get our heater FIXED, or (2) that the weather gets much warmer so we won't continue to FREEZE!!! Brrrrrr!

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mcmahonmom said...

I forgot to add that it actually SNOWED again today! Ugh!