Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What a Christmas blessing!

Today I received a phone call from Caring Hands (the courier service in Washington, DC), and they told me that they had completed the necessary authentications with the E. Embassy and the Dept. of State. They are sending Dossie to Celebrate Children (my agency) so that it can be forwarded on to Ethiopia! YAY!

Also today, I received the cameras in the mail from Blessing the Children in Ethiopia. I have rushed them to Walgreen's one hour service and am anxiously awaiting the pictures of the babies!

Thank you, Lord for the Christmas blessings.



Debbie said...

You better send me pictures!!!!


lori c said...

This is so exciting! God is truly blessing you for your faithfulness.

LesleyReid said...

OHHHH!!! So excited to see the new photos. Hey! Walgreen's and EVERYONE's photo labs were down today I sure hope yours turned out and you get them when needed.
Those babies are so BEAUTIFUL!!!