Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dossier going to Ethiopia and other miracles...

I got an email from Debbie today (my awesome case manager at CCI) and she told me that my dossier got sent to Ethiopia today! WOW! What a fast turnaround! I mean, my dossier got sent from the courier service on Wednesday, it arrived at CCI on Thursday night, and it has been sent off to Ethiopia by Saturday morning!

God has definitely had His hand on this whole process since He led us from Guatemala to Ethiopia. Everything has gone so smoothly and I know it is only because my Father has had his hand of protection over us, orchestrating the whole thing. He has certainly made me a believer in miracles. Take yesterday for example...

(Now, I know a lot of you are going to say, "Yeah, right!" after reading the following text... So, if you don't believe that God is capable of miracles, stop reading right now.)

I travelled with the kids to a dear friend's house in Elgin (about an hour's drive away). To get to her house and back, there are two toll booths on the highway. I looked in my purse for change for the tollbooth for the trip home, and came up with just short of two dollars and a handful of pennies. I knew I needed $2.75 for the toll booth, and that pennies were not accepted. I told the kids about our dilemma, and they started looking for change in the backseat. (Now, you mommies who are reading this can relate!)

We drove through the first tollbooth, and I paid the $1.50 for the toll. The kids and I prayed that the Lord would provide for our needs, and that His provision would get us through the next toll booth. I stopped at a McDonalds halfway home for dinner, and asked the clerk if I could pay with a debit card and get cash back. Nope.

After receiving our food, I stopped in the McD's parking lot to take survey of our change. Rachel had found a quarter in the back seat that I added to my collection. After I counted up the change (minus pennies) I had $2.50! I had enough for the $1.25 toll, enough to pay Rachel back her quarter, and a dollar left over!

Now, you may be shaking your heads and saying to yourself, I just must have miscounted. But let me ask you this... Do you have enough faith to believe that God is able to turn pennies into nickels and dimes? Do you believe that He can turn water into wine, or provide enough oil for a widow and her son to sustain them and keep from going hungry? Do you believe that He can change a river into blood or cause fish to flood the nets of the fishermen who had previously caught none?

Our God is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine according to his power (Ephesians 3:20). I believe that the God who can part the Red Sea is able to cause my pocket change to increase. How about you?

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Debbie said...

Amen!! I believe in a God of miracles.