Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We got our referral today!

CCI emailed us our "official" referral today for the babies. Typically, when people typically receive a referral of a child from Ethiopia (from other agencies), people are generally ecstatic, because they have been waiting SO long to identify their adoptive child. However, in our case, we identified our adopted children long before receiving the referral, so our process was a little bit backwards... The babies have been "on hold" for us since CCI's visit to Ethiopia in September.

But, of course, we are thrilled to finally have the referral! It's just another step closer to havin' those babies! YAY!

By the way, today's Erin's 7th birthday. What a great present for the entire family! :)


Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Erin!!!!!!!

Debbie Wankel

LesleyReid said...

Well...This is very late but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN Wow and 7 :O)
Rachel just turned 7. I will have to place Erin on the Birthday list!
I love honoring people on their birthday's :O) sorry we missed her. She is special!!!