Monday, January 28, 2008

Another hilarious dream... (LONG)

Last night I had another Ethiopia dream, sillier yet than the last one. My dream started in the airport at Ethiopia. I was astonished at being there, because my husband and I have not yet gotten our Hepatitis or yellow fever vaccinations. I kept saying, "We don't have our shots yet! We can't be in Ethiopia!" My hubby told me that we could get our yellow fever shots at the airport. (???) Our 2 girls were with us at the airport, while we stood in line to get our yellow fever shot. We stood in a place that looked like a lab of some kind, where they processed specimens of people who were being tested for yellow fever. (So, the place was crawling with yellow fever germs.) All of a sudden, I saw the girls running through the lab, knocking over specimens and playing among the germs. Rachel actually had a germ-infested cotton ball in her mouth, chewing on it! Of course I freaked out.

My hubby seemed to disappear from the dream at this point, and my girls seemed unusually uncontrollable (which is not typical of them in real-life). They actually bolted off from me and got on an elevator, and started going "up"... without me. I kept thinking, "How am I going to find them in this airport?!? I don't know anything about this airport and I'm in a completely foreign country!" Thankfully, one of my daughters showed back up, and then after a little more frantic waiting, the second one returned to me.

I came to a really busy hallway in the airport, where it looked like there were a lot of adoptive parents coming to meet (and claim) their adopted children for their "gotcha day". Some woman put two babies in my arms, and it seemed foggy, so I didn't really look at their faces well. (My hubby was still MIA at this point... ) I went to the airport restroom so I could see their faces better in the light, and realized that one of the babies was not mine! Simbona was in my arms, but another boy baby was in the other arm, and he looked so sick that he was near death. His eyes looked dried up and he was laying lethargically in my arm. "Where's Sena!?!" I shrieked. I just kept thinking that I couldn't show my husband that I got the wrong baby, or he'd come unglued! I tried to nurse the sick baby, and happily, he did. When I was done, he seemed to be much healthier. "Good! Now Kevin won't be mad at me!" I thought.

The girls continued to be as naughty as possible, running off from me and going every direction. "I can't do this by myself!" Hubby was nowhere to be found.

Fast forward - Kevin and I seem to be touring Ethiopia, and are on a sight-seeing excursion (with the babies) to a beach. (The girls are missing from this scene, this time.) So, Kevin and I are riding on this speed boat to an area in Ethiopia where we can enjoy some beach time... the whole time I'm trying not to let the babies fly out of my arms and into the ocean (because of course, there are no child carseats in speed boats!) We get to the beach, enjoy our time, and then I get back in the boat and we go back to our point of origin. I suddenly realize, KEVIN IS NOT WITH US! He must have gotten left back at the beach! AUUUGGGHHH! Now, how am I going to find him in this foreign country, when I don't know how to get around and don't know the language!?!?

Fast forward again, to the next scene - I'm riding in a sports car, with the two babies in my arms. I'm assuming that we are driving to the beach area, where Kevin is stranded... I look over, and my NINE YEAR OLD SON IS DRIVING! I look up, and I see an intersection of the highway that we are coming up on, and it looks as though he is getting ready to take the exit leading to Iraq. "Whoa! Hold on!" I jump in the driver's seat and do an incredibly illegal U-turn, (not really sure where I'm going, but I am sure that it's not Iraq!)

Well, that's the end of the dream. I'm not sure how it all ends. Does Kevin get home to the US with his loving wife and two new babies? Do the two girls get left in the Ethiopian airport? Will I go back to Ethiopia and get Sena, and exchange the wrong baby? Tune in next week, for the next episode of "Crazy Dreams of Our Lives".


Debbie said...

Oh wow you and your dreams!!! What are you eating before bed???


LesleyReid said...

Woman! Usually only pregnant women have dreams like these :O)

Too Funny~ Notice Keaton is not in these dreams!? He was with Aunt Lesley -LOL!!!