Friday, January 11, 2008

Words meant for me

At a ladies' fellowship at my church, we were in a "round table" discussion, and the topic of our family's adoptive process came up. My dear friends shared some words of practical household wisdom regarding adding two small babies to our home. After the night was coming to a close, one of my friends, Shirley, approached me to give me some words of encouragement. She told me that she knew a quote that would encourage me:

The will of God will never lead you where the Grace of God cannot keep you.

Another sweet friend of mine, Teresa, told me that the quote Shirley had spoken was one that was dear to her heart, too.

Teresa gave me a darling little plaque at church the next Sunday that had that same quote on it. She told me later about a inspiring story regarding that plaque. Prior to the ladies' fellowship, she had travelled to Edmond to a bed and breakfast to purchase a gift certificate. She felt the need to look around in their gift shop before she left. She found the plaque in the store and felt like the Lord was telling her to purchase it for someone. So, she obeyed. After the night of the ladies' fellowship, she realized that it was for me that God asked her to purchase the plaque. Isn't He just the sweetest Person? He uses my friends to bless and encourage me! Thank you, Teresa and Shirley for being the vehicle He used to bless me!

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lori c said...

That is such a comforting quote. God is so awesome! He knows our doubts and gives just what we need to keep us moving forward.

Lori C.