Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our God is an AWESOME God!

Well, I have two fabulous miracles today to speak in praise about! We serve a great and MIGHTY God!

First, Erin has had absolutely terrible athsma. Last night, she barely slept because she was coughing so much. Today, we had to miss church because she was doing so poorly. We had family worship today at home instead. Poor thing couldn't even sing because she was coughing so much.

So, after family worship, Ryan, Keaton, and I laid our hands on her and prayed over her. I quoted from Isaiah where it says that Jesus took up all our infirmities on Himself, and that He was stricken by them (this is a poor paraphrase). My dear friend Charlotte keeps telling me that we can pray in faith that God will heal our sicknesses, and I just never believed that this could happen in my home. (Sure, I believed that He could do miracles in YOUR home, but it just didn't seem possible that He would do those types of things for ME.) But, friends, let me tell ya... He did a miracle today! :)

After we prayed for her, she went to sleep for about two hours and woke up a different kid. She was hungry (she hadn't eaten for about 12 hours), she drank hot liquids, and looked altogether 100 percent better! She is still coughing (just a little), but the Lord definitely worked a miracle in her little body! I am in such extreme awe, because usually when her athsma gets this bad, nothing but a day or so on steroids makes her feel any better. Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayer, even though my faith is no greater than a mustard seed!

Secondly, I have a dear friend who is adopting a sweet baby girl from Ecuador. My friend has severe varicose veins in her legs, and needs surgery. They are a threat to her health, because the clots in her legs could go to her heart, causing serious problems! She wanted to postpone the surgery because of the cost. (Just like a momma... putting herself last so she could save her dollars to use towards bringing that baby home from Ecuador!) But, she and her husband prayed about it and decided that the surgery was a necessity. Long story short, God blessed this dear family by providing an extra $1200 in her husband's paycheck... Just the exact amount that my dear friend needed to pay upfront for her surgery! How could anyone say that God doesn't exist? He answers our prayers lovingly and SPECIFICALLY! I am thanking Him for graciously providing for my dear friend!


Debbie said...

Thank God He does answer prayer, I am so thankful that your daughter is better!!! God bless you for praying for her and laying hands on her!!
And I'm thankful for your friend getting her surgery! God is good!!!


Debbie said...

Just wanted to wish Mr. Simbona a happy birthday!!!

From Debbie

LesleyReid said...

YIPPY!!!!! I love to *SEE* his miracles :O) So...glad to know Erin is HEALED! Please keep us updated.