Saturday, February 2, 2008

Submission to court!

I spoke with Debbie today, and she told me that our paperwork was going to be submitted to the Ethiopian court on Monday. She wasn't sure how long it would take before we were given a court date once it was submitted. (When we have our day in court, that means the babies are legally ours! A power of attorney attends court in Addis on our behalf, so we don't have to travel to be there.) A lot of times, though, the court date gets moved before it happens, or you have to be submitted to court more than once due to the necessity to gather more information, etc. So PLEASE pray for a fast court date and that we only have to go through court ONCE!

Debbie told me that once court is over, we travel 6-8 weeks after that. Getting so excited, but SO IMPATIENT! Please also pray for our ability to wait patiently. (This is going to be SO HARD!) Thank you so much for your prayers. We so desperately need them. :)

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LesleyReid said...

YIPPY!!! Do you think it will be in February? Let me know if you desire me to come stay with my kiddos at the McMahon home~
I am prepared to do so as long as we are not both out of the country :O)
In our DREAMS right !?