Friday, February 15, 2008


I got my first set of shots today for the trip. (I sound like a puppy or something, huh?) Kevin had to miss his appointment (he was scheduled to come with me) because his flight got delayed. (He has been out of town for the past two weeks on business.) I think he probably planned that, don't you? Hee, hee.

I got my shots from a place called Passport Health. They do immunizations for travellers. It was a very informative visit. The nurse went over all the health and safety guidelines for travel to Ethiopia. She wrote me prescriptions for Malaria meds and for Bactrim (for "traveller's stomach). I had the option to take all kinds of shots (that I didn't really think were necessary), like a Rabies shot. (Let me know if you see me foaming at the mouth when we get home from Ethiopia...)


LesleyReid said...

Hey! If you even attempt to take the Bactrim PLEASE take a bottle of Acidophilus along as well (Health Food Store) what happens with the Bactrum is it kills bacteria and build up etc..Bad Bacteria but, along with it KILls also the good bacteria~ not so good so the acidophilus aids in building and constructing good bacteria. Don't forget :O)

You had to get SHOTS? Hmmmmm I have been told I don't need to for any reason~ I guess I should look in to a bit more myself. you must wait longer? I can't believe you were literally 6 months ahead of me and here I am going to see my baby girl FIRST. Hmmmm...It will be here before you know it and girl ENJOY THE Bigger babies while you can :O)

Sending my love

Debbie said...

I know they don't feel so great! But I would rather be safe than sorry!!! I got everything they recommended!!