Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Note from Nora #3

Nora got a chance to meet our babies while she was in Ethiopia! (It doesn't hurt that she's an MD and can give us her "professional opinion" about their health in the note below... (Don't tell me THAT is a coincidence!)

First, I need to say that Simbona has the chubbiest thighs! Why is it that mine are about the same size and nowhere near as cute???? Both of your children are absolutely beautiful!
Zenha is doing wonderful! I absolutely fall to pieces everytime she says, "I love you" or "Ah my ay" or "mama". She has the cutest dimples when she giggles! We have been sleeping together except for a few times when I have rocked/sung her to sleep and then did some chores or took a shower.
Yacob is not doing so well. They have run a bunch of test but we do not have all the results yet and they are ordering a cat scan of his head. My guess is that he has a seizure disorder that is being caused by an underlying illness or malnutrition issue but we need the results of all of his tests to determine the exact diagnosis. It brought tears to my eyes to think of the chubby cheeks he had in the photos on the CCI website and now to see him with absolutely no body fat--on his cheeks or anywhere else. -Nora

Please be in prayer for Yacob and all the other orphans who are living in extreme poverty and need love and care. We just don't understand what life is like outside the United States. We are so blessed and take it so much for granted.

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