Monday, April 7, 2008

New information about our babies

(This information also came from the family mentioned in the previous post...)

Simbona is so big and healthily chubby. He was playing with a couple of legos when we arrived. (This family's adoptive twin) girls talk about him all of the time and play like they are taking care of him, so he must be pretty popular...ha ha ha...also made the car ride no problem. (*Side note - our babies were transported on a 14 hour journey from their orphanage in Kamashi to Addis.) The poor nannies though all were car sick, as probably none of them had been in a car before.....but they never stopped caring for the children and making them a priority even through their sick moments...
What was really neat is that when the caregivers realized which children would be siblings back here in the states, they started already introducing this to the children.

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