Sunday, April 6, 2008

God is great!

Today I recieved photos from my dear friend Nora, who has just returned from her trip to Ethiopia. The pictures that she sent me were SO MUCH BETTER than the ones I had received from CCI. The kids look healthy, beautiful, and SO SO SO CUTE!!! You are just going to fall in LOVE with these babies. They are adorable.

Sena must have been napping before the photos that were taken of her by CCI. Her eyes looked so bad! But in these shots Nora took, she looks much healthier. Simbo is being held by a woman who really appears to love him in these pictures, rather than sitting alone in a crib. My heart is put more at ease that they are doing well (as best they can without Mommy and Daddy).

Thank you, Lord for your gracious provision of such a good friend in Nora. There is NO accident that she and I became friends for this very reason (and more). Just think how anxious I would have been had I not had Nora's pictures to see before we travel in THIRTEEN DAYS!

Thank you, Nora!

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Debbie said...

I want to see your new pics from Nora, please!!!