Friday, April 4, 2008

New pics of the kids!

Debbie sent us some new pictures of the babies (as Sue has returned from her trip to Ethiopia and took pictures of all the adoptive children). I have to say, I was really shocked to see their faces. The pictures that we had gotten only 6 months ago showed twinkling eyes, chubby cheeks and bodies, and a zeal for life.

These pictures showed an entirely different picture. There was not one picture in which the babies were smiling. The sparkle seemed to have disappeared from their eyes. They looked so sad and seemed much thinner than before. Simbona's beautiful hair has been shaved off (maybe due to a lice outbreak??? Not sure) and he was just sitting alone in a crib in his pictures. He didn't seem to be even one bit joyful at some toys that had been placed in his crib to make him smile for the pictures. He has really thinned out in the face, and is wearing a shirt that I saw him wear in a picture taken 6 months ago. Has he not gained any weight?!?!?!

Sena had either just woken up from a nap, or she is not feeling well. Her eyes are droopy and she seems to have lost a lot of baby fat. She has lost that "spark" in her eyes and her legs look so thin. A nanny was holding her in the picture, so at least she was being held.

I can only think back to the emails that Nora sent me about Yacob being so sick (due to malnutrition). Could this have been the fate of these two sweet angels? Could it still be? Please pray that they will be kept healthy and nourished so we can bring them home!

I am in agony right now! All I want to do is go get my babies and hold them and feed them and love on them. I don't want them to go another day without their Mommy and Daddy who love them so much.

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