Friday, November 30, 2007

Waiting, waiting....

Well, I officially have all the paperwork done and certified for our dossier. I picked up all the paperwork from the OK SOS office yesterday. I am just waiting on CCI's documents that are required to be in our dossier. It's not so hard waiting on things when you are the one holding up things... but when someone ELSE is holding up things, it's not so easy to be patient! :) I emailed CCI today and they told me that the document that I am waiting for was mailed out a couple of days ago and I should be receiving it any day.

I am also waiting for a CD from my case manager, with loads of pictures of the babies on it. She visited Ethiopia and the orphanage there back in September, and she has been kind enough to share these pictures with me. I have been stalking the mailman every day in wait for this CD... I can't wait to get my hands on these pictures. When I get them, I will be adding more pictures of the babies to the blogsite.

Until then... I will be WAITING again!

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