Friday, November 16, 2007

Care packages for the babies

Debbie called me today and told me that there would be a mission group going to the orphanage (leaving Thanksgiving day) and that I could send a care package along for each of the babies. She told me that I could mail it to the missionary group (Blessing the Children, International) and they would take it with them on their trip. The only problem is... today is Friday and I have to get the package in the mail before the group leaves on next Thursday morning for Ethiopia. (It seems like almost everything is "last minute" in the adoption world...) Hee, hee. We would only be able to send the items along in one gallon-sized Ziploc bag per baby. WOW! I guess I will be cramming as much as I can into each bag! :)

So, the girls and I went shopping and found some cute outfits, some socks, a disposable camera, a blanket, a photo album stuffed with pictures of our family, and a stuffed animal for each baby. YES, I did get all that to fit in one Ziploc bag per baby.... It was a tight squeeze, but I made it work. I sent the packages (overnight) in the mail on Monday the 19th. They were guaranteed to get there by Wednesday by 2:30... Let's hope they get there in time!

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